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Frank Tagliano

Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano (Born June 3rd, 1948), also known by his alias as Giovanni "Johnny" Henriksen, is the main and central protagonist in the Netflix Series Lillyhammer. He is portrayed by singer, songwriter and actor Steven Van Zandt.

Season 1 Edit

In the first season, Frank chooses to go to Norway due to his old bosses' death and having a hit placed on him by the bosses' sucessor, Aldo Delucci. After Frank gives testimony in court over mafia allogations against Delucci, Frank enters the wittness protection program and chooses to go to Lillehammer, Norway because of the beautiful scenery of the 1994 Winter Olympics held there. He is given his new identity as Giovanni Henriksen, an average American club owner looking to start up a buisness in Norway. Although, He just prefers to be called Johnny, vesus Giovanni.

While travelling to Norway via high-speed rail, Johnny impresses Sigrid Haugli, a schoolteacher based in Lillehammer.

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