Torgeir Lien

Torgeir is Johnny's partner at the Flamingo

Season 1Edit

Torgeir is first seen walking with his brother Roar and offers to take Johnny out for a drink later on he helps Frank hunt for a wolf and provides and alibi for their location, he is bought in as a partner on Johnny's new club. (Reality Check)

Johnny asks Torgeir to interview bar girls but just before the interview a biker gang breaks in and beats him up robbing 'The Flamingo', later on Torgeir helps Johnny find the biker who beat him up and they later on make a deal with the Biker gangs leader. (The Flamingo)

Torgeir helps Johnny out in picking up a bar tab of Thomas Aune who they nearly drown in cold water before he agrees to pay, in a real estate deal by throwing a dead chicken through a residents window. (Guantanamo Blues)

(The Midwife)

Johnny and Torgeir go to a party at Thomas Aune's, Torgeir is tasked by Johnny to buy a painting for a money laundering idea of his, when he tries to return the painting it turns out it was stolen after interrogating the man they bought it off the evidence leads them back to Thomas Aune who they drag outside of his house arrest limits before he pays up, he later encourages Johnny to sing Frank Sinatra. (My Kind of Town)

Torgeir helps Frank move a Jukebox into his new Penthouse, later on his brother Roar is caught smuggling liquor to Lillehammer and gives up Johnny in interrogation, Torgeir is tasked with making his brother see the error of his ways. (Pack Your Lederhosen)

Johnny and Torgeir's friend Arne has been beaten up and put in hospital, Torgeir beefs up security at the club and talks with the bikers as they try to find the hitmen sent after Frank, Torgeir went to visit Arne's mother later on having sex with her, he is then later questioned by Arne over the picture of his mother in the bar but Torgeir manages to accidentally reveal he had sex with his mom he later tells Frank that the two hitmen were just released from prison but just too late as they kidnap Jonas. (The Babysitter)

Jonas helps Johnny search for the two hitmen with Johnny telling him of his past, as they get to a suspected location they find out it's Gerry Delucci they also find out he's nearby through sounds on the other end of the phone, they run down the hill but just too late to reach them, they later go to a switch location where Torgeir saves Jonas, Frank gets back after hitman Robert kills his partner Gerry making a deal with Frank, Torgeir is later at the bar with Frank and Jan. (Trolls)


He was once offered a Blowjob when his car broke down